Your logistics done in a smart way.

Warehousing, transport, value-added logistics


Our Vision: Smart Logistics. Delivered.

At WSC, we offer only the highest quality warehousing, storing and distribution services to help you get ahead of the curve. So you can focus on what matters most: your business. 

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What do we do?

At WSC, we believe in innovation, offering comprehensive solutions and going the extra mile. Through experience and enthusiasm for every component of the logistics and distributions chain, we raise our customers and ourselves to the next level. 



Have you got warehousing needs? We got you covered! We develop tailor-made solutions for your needs, from storage under ideal circumstances to picking and packing to optimise your goods flow.

And if more is needed, WSC can also build and operate your specific warehouse in the geographical location of your choice.


Engineering & Value Added logistics

For your value added services, WSC enters into a partnership with customers. We mobilise all our experience, expertise, know-how and skills to take the weight off your shoulders with services such as:

  • Co-packing, blistering, repackaging
  • Pre- and post-assembly activities
  • Quality Control & Quality Management
  • Track & Trace services
  • Just in Time, Just in Sequence order preparation
  • Automation studies and implementation
  • Process optimization initiatives
  • Network studies


End-to-end solutions are a genuine commitment. Whether across water,  by train or truck, our fleet takes your goods whenever and wherever they have to be delivered.

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We are WSC

We are a leading Belgian-based logistics provider with over 60 years of expertise in warehousing, transport and value-added logistics services. The combination of activities in all these areas enables us to provide you with  integrated end-to-end logistic solutions. 

How we work

You see a problem, we come up with the solution. It's as simple as that. We manage every link in the logistics chain, from start to finish. Transparant and accessible.

Our integrated approach is always adapted to your specific wishes and expectations, combined with our passion for innovation. Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, highly trained staff, carefully managed warehousing and value-added logistics, we deliver your products to the right place at the right time in the right quality.


Our history

Our story begins in the 1960s as a provider of specialized logistics solutions, before turning ourselves into a provider of total logistics and supply chain solutions, including warehousing, value add logistics, transport and distribution.

We are relentlessly conducting research and driving innovation to continue pioneering as a total logistics solutions provider. From our technology, to our warehouses, to our people, we help your business grow in the right way.


Our team

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Social & Governance

WSC believes in progress. In innovation. In technology. Also when it comes to 'people and the environment'.

That's why sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship is more than a buzz word to us. It's at the core of what we do. Each and every day.

The many initiatives we took over the last years to create an attractive working environment for the employees of Weerts Supply Chain, resulted in winning the 2020 Logistics Employer of the Year Award. This prestigious award issued by Transport Media rewards a project for the management of Human Resources within a transport and/or logistics company or the logistics department of an industrial or commercial company. Key elements that contributed to winning the award included the integration of the Human Resources function in a comprehensive change management context, in a challenging social environment.

Have a look at our other ESG initiatives: 

  • Renewable power installations 
  • Using the latest and environmentally sustainable building techniques in our Real Estate projects.
  • We have a long-standing collaboration with non-profit organizations and social enterprises. In addition to our own employees, we currently offer employment to an average of 100 employees on a daily basis

The many initiatives we have undertaken over the past few years to create an attractive working environment for Weerts Supply Chain employees have enabled us to win the Logistics Employer of the Year 2020 award